A Bit About Me!

I am a user experience designer, audio fiction producer, and a writer. (See above.) And in all things, I try to be a storyteller. So let me tell you some stories about all the things I’ve done and the people I’ve met along the way.


(But also, if you want to judge my character based on the media I consume, you can see what movies I’m watching on Letterboxd and what books I’m reading over on StoryGraph.)

Cool dance move with cool dance person.

Dancing 💃

When I was in high school, I gave up my lunch periods for Swing Dancing, a lunchtime elective offered by our gym teacher. When I got to college, I started a club at Holy Cross, and before I knew it, was teaching blues dancing across all of New England. (And Albany, which is not technically New England but is objectively my favorite place to dance.) 


In addition to blues and swing, I was a famously unsuccessful competitive ballroom dancer. I think every competition ended with a judge telling me I was their favorite dancer to watch, but that I didn’t adhere to the approved list of moves, and therefore had to be disqualified. That’s what you get for dancing to the beat of your heart!

Mathematics 🧮

Fun fact: I’m have failed a lot of math classes in my life. I think thats statistically more than your average person with a degree in Mathematics, but I can’t be sure, as I almost didn’t pass statistics. 


Math has always been hard to me, but I have been really drawn to that challenge. So when I went to college, there was never a question in my mind that Math was the subject I wanted to focus on. And I found my niches in the discipline– non-Euclidian geometry, set theory, logic, and algebraic structures!

Pokey circle maker and angle calzone. (Actual names.)
Absolutely the correct way to hold a double bass.

Music 🎶

I’m no musical prodigy or anything, but I did start playing music as a 3 year old, started piano at 5, and double bass in 5th grade, and singing in middle school. (In high school I was a member of my schools a cappella madrigal choir! There were costumes!)


All the while I’ve been writing an composing music my whole life. I even got a degree in it! My favorite musical achievement was a Jazz suite that I wrote in college. But recently I’ve pivoted to scoring and folk music for my fiction podcasts.

Travel 🚗

Fun facts about how I like to travel:

  • I will drive three hours out of the way to see something unusual or exciting. I love a good plaque!

  • I have a really good sense of navigation, and prefer to drive without a GPS. Just the sun in the sky and the vibes of the road!

  • I’m an avid geocacher, and I’ve found both the countries oldest active geocache, and geocaches in all the red counties in the map below. (Pretty close to having a county list that reaches from one coast to the other!)
  • Gotta catch'em all?
    Frosty has gotten me back and forth across the country over a dozen times. Currently at 275,000 miles.
    The oldest (still active) geocache in the United States! (Mingo GC30 near Oakley, Kansas!)


    No ones life can be contained in an About Me page. I’ve said nothing here about my passion for books, robotics, AR, social justice and philosophy, urban and social design, art history, art making, art experiences, board games, video games! The list goes on an on. If you’d like to get to know me better, or want to chat about any and all of the above, please reach out. I love to meet interesting people with interesting passions and I’m always happy to get coffee or hop on a call!